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Navigating through COVID-19: During this challenging time of COVID-19, the safety and well-being of the mentor and mentee candidates are of utmost importance. Therefore, the flexible use of virtual communication will be considered as an alternative for face to face meetings.  

MPL program is specifically for professionals with an interest in starting child and/ or youth-related nonprofit organizations. MPL provides an option for those with master’s degrees in behavioral studies (i.e., Professional Counseling, Social Work, Human Services) to be their own boss while responsible to others.



MPL mentors talented, entry-level professionals with leadership potential or interest in enriching the lives of abused and disadvantage youth and children.
MPL is for behavioral study professionals who can benefit from a mentoring curriculum that weaves leadership, entrepreneurship, and social innovation throughout its training.




 Mentoring Professionals for Leadership (MPL) mentor-trains professionals in organizational, management, and interpersonal skills for leadership.

It helps the entry level professional to limit the dilemma of  the  "You need experience in order to get the job... but how can I get the experience if you don't allow me the opportunity?"  conundrum.  

Why children and youth organizations?

Stories of sexual, physical and neglect of our children have become common childhood experiences. They have also become later-in-life adult stories that have come to surface.  It is evident that children are in continued need of our help. The MPL program was originated for such a purpose. 


MPL mentor-training is for those living in North and South Carolina.

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